basketry studio

In this studio, I construct sculptural nest-like pieces using mainly a random weave technique and incorporating materials gathered from nature or beautiful things discarded by others. I am particularly drawn to the colours and textures of bark, moss, lichen, feathers, shells and stones and the patina of rust and decaying tin and wire.  Before you look at any past and recent work, the photos below are of the space I work in and perhaps you’ll get a feel for the origins of the baskets. I weave sitting on the stools pictured, in front of the fire.

We live on a farm on the Eastern side of a small rural village called Robertson and the old falling-down dairy on the property  is currently my basketry studio. It was full of years of farm detritus but with some white paint, a green door and a new roof thanks to my beloved, it now keeps almost all of the wild weather out.

the green door

The windows from the dairy look out over very green hills to the rainforest-clad escarpment falling away to the Pacific Ocean. When I shut one eye and measure with my fingers I have about an inch of blue sea in the window from the dairy. I have always collected beautiful natural ephemera from gardens, beaches, roadsides, paddocks and other people’s rubbish.

dad's cattle brand and gramps' leather bound hipflask, framed weavings from rajisthan, tibetan butter bowl, lyre-bird feathers in old engin oil-tin on a recycled vegetable rack; everything collected found or handed down.
shells, bones, butterflies, stones, bottles, ceramics, fishing bag, binoculars
the old shelves are labelled 'nuts and bolts' 'diesel' 'tractor parts' etc

All baskets available for sale are shown on the page labelled RECENT WORK.

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