Wrapped up for winter…. amazing cocoons.


A few days ago, a really windy day, I collected some twisted willow (salix matsudana – making an effort look up botanical names of materials I use) from a roadside tree near Wilde’s Meadow that I have harvested before.  It’s very brambly at the base of the tree so I didn’t linger but when I got home I noticed a beautiful bonus!

Wondrous tiny cocoons. Some of them are empty already but I think something is yet to emerge. I don’t know what’s inside them. Can anyone identify them? The silk wrap is a burnished copper colour and I opened an empty one and the thread really glistens like gold in the sun. I would love to have the know-how to set up time lapse photos and see what comes out. I want to replicate them using other materials but for now I am going to incorporate them into a basket… A basket that comes alive. Stay tuned for photos…

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