How long can this fun(-gi) last?


This lovely fungus was growing on a stump (not the one pictured) and I collected quite a lot. They are shaped like shells and the strange green and orange stripes are velvety.

Isn’t it pretty? I’m wondering if anyone knows how to preserve it or if, when dried, the colour will be lost. I’d like to incorporate it in layers into a basket for foragers.

4 thoughts on “How long can this fun(-gi) last?

  1. looks a lot like one they have here in north carolina called turkey tail that the indians used as chewing gum – i tired it once on a bush walk – not anything like a juicy fruit experience – more like that hard, old gum you find under a school desk! did you find out a way to preserve colour yet. i will ask uncle mycology if you havent.

    1. Haven’t tried chewing it – have a friend who was hospitalised for such activity…everyone needs an uncle mycology! Please ask him for me.

  2. I get these at my place, on some logs my dad cut up for my vege beds. They are in direct sun so they end up fading to a grey..Mine were originally orange. I think they’d be lovely in a basket!

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