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On the very first day I ever made a basket, I saw an image of a pear-shaped basket made from palm inflorescence which I loved so much. I later found out it was made by a QLD fibre artist called Jill Brose. I have attempted to make some baskets inspired by her technique but I am really just guessing at how she goes about it and hers are so tight! Here are my latest efforts.

Thank you Jill.

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  1. Hi Harriet, My name is Jill Brose, I made the pear shaped basket you fell in love with on day one. I just love what you are doing now.
    cheers Jill

    1. Thanks Jill! I am so pleased you saw this as I wanted to acknowlege your influence on my weaving. It’s difficult to be original in one’s practice and come up with unique forms or materials but I do try. I have since seen one of your pieces (with chicken wire) in Green Magazine and some friends of mine have two of your baskets in their house north of Sydney and I think they are just extraordinary. Is it possible to see pictures of your baskets online or are in person anywhere in NSW?

  2. And keep on writing! I’ve never tried a pear-shaped basket before but you can bet it will be one of the next ones I turn my hand to. Not so sure I’ll be able to get the weave as tight as yours first time around though…any tips?

    1. Tips? There is usually a point when I’m making each basket where it all looks like a wonky mess and I think ‘this is not going to work’ and then magically it all comes together… and the last 20 or so strands seem to take FOREVER so my best tip would be – don’t give up! x

      1. This actually made me laugh out loud because I have a “psychotic” moment where I want to scream with frustration because I’m SURE it will never come together and be finished… with almost everything I ever do. With my quilts it’s after I’ve finished the front panel and while I’m actually quilting. With lampshades it’s normally three quarters of the way through covering them… So I imagine baskets will be the same and it encourages me that even a pro like you has meltdown moments.

        To date my baskets are normally quite loose in the weaving and quick – I’ve never dedicated time to the art but you’ve inspired me – I definitely want one of those pear-shaped palm inflorescence baskets and I’m determined to make it myself. Keep writing, keep weaving, it’s inspiring!

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