dyeing to share


This is raffia drying on my clothesline. I dyed it this week to use in the first in a series of Wilde’s Meadow weaving workshops (lots of w’s) . We had beautiful sunny autumnul weather yesterday – perfect for sitting out in the garden. I was so lucky as this group  had gathered themselves together, their cars were bursting with plants and grasses  I hadn’t used before (I’mvery excited about some leopard grass!) and what’s more, they were a bunch of happy creative individuals. You’ll see below that their baskets were embued with abundant personality (thanks to Michelle from  Shady Fig in Nowra  for the pics – I am a little envious of her experience with heroes of mine Alison Coates and Tracy Deep).

Lovely Jane & Sue, who were returning participants from a previous workshop, said they came again because they felt that the day was about more than just making baskets. It was like as though they were part of a tribe coming together  to weave and create, as has been done throughout history in nearly every culture and it gave them a real lift  or a buzz for a while afterwards and sweet Jane said she was addicted. That felt like a huge win! Without sounding too self-helpy, I think taking time out to stop and use our hands to make something can be restorative. I know when I am weaving, time flies and everyone on the course chose to keep weaving for an hour over-time – they were so  into it.

When Feb was booked and I sent out an email announcing the March workshop and 6 days later I had my quota of 10 people, I was pretty excited. I now have some eager weavers (couldn’t resist) waiting for an April date.  I’ll post it on my workshops page where there is now an easy form to fill out … stay tuned.