colourful gifts from nature: first sydney workshop

In the past few weeks, members of my family have brought me the most extraordinary presents.

Firstly, my beloved brought home from amongst his prunings two deep rosy-red branches holding perfect abandoned nests. They have been woven with bits of moss, grass and feathers. Swoon.

I am not much of a shopper but I had just bought two smoky green glass bottles at the Murobond market (must have known there were two branches coming my way) so I now have them in our bedroom near a Gail English called “Paddocks & Fences’ and I wake up to them every day.

Then Mum arrived with this piece of timber from her garden which is also pretty breathtaking don’t you think?

Think this might live over at my milking-shed studio. I’ve had a thing for fungi in the past. The gradation of greys could lead to something… So it seems my loved ones know me pretty well wouldn’t you say?  These are the best kind of presents – gifts from nature.

Now here’s one for the urbanites; the lovely people at Murbond Paints have invited me to hold a basketry workshop in their showroom in Artarmon on Saturday 25 June.  We’ll spend the day working with colourful gifts of nature: found materials collected from parks, gardens and beaches (and the odd roadside!) weaving them into random nest-like baskets. Places are limited. Head to their workshops page to book in. It will be a fun day! I hope some of you can join me there.