shooting in the shed

Most days, my little milking shed studio is quiet, solitary and sees a lot of still life.











Occasionally, it might have me in it.

Doing a bit of this.

Today, however, the shed saw some really exciting action.

Lights and cameras and action – a lot like this.


We had a photo shoot with gorgeous Nik Masri and her partner Leonardo capturing daylight and shadow effects on 8 pieces I have woven for a commission. The biggest is 6 feet tall and they all had to be wired up using my self-taught sparky skills. Luckily no literal sparks flew but much electricity was generated in the room.

Everyone was hanging around  and being helpful.

Like this…

(just kidding, I couldn’t have done it with out you Hessian Man xx )

… and I just can’t wait to share the professional images with my client  – and then, of course, y’all.

I’m excited!