It’s time to light the lights…


I have been weaving some huge new lights for a seafood restaurant in California and, having got the thumbs up from the client, I am really looking forward to putting them out in the world. Here goes!  Below are a couple of close-ups but you can see all of them lit-up by clicking on the link to Restaurant Lights.

 The design was initially based on cylinder lobster traps (cray traps) but they have taken a rural turn due to what I could find around me. They are a spin on traditional basketry and my country roots; along with willow and palm flower stalks that I often weave with, I have used a lot of rusted wire and corrugated iron found lying around on farms. I am now making a couple for a farm house at Goulburn (above the dining table) and the design ideas keep coming…. the shadows are unpredictable and keep changing. The shadows of the one with twisted willow look like a huge map with rivers and roads.  I’d love to hear your thoughts x


2 thoughts on “It’s time to light the lights…

  1. Harriet, they are totally gorgeous! I think they look stunningly simple ( of course, looks are often decieving!) I agree with you about the maps and rivers, and I also see what the water looks like when you are streaming past in a have such a gift! thankyou…Annie Finch

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