Good weekend; workshop news


THANK YOU to the Good Weekend who ran a little ‘what’s on’ section on Saturday’s random weaving workshop at Murobond Paints in Sydney. What a response! The workshop was fully booked by 11am on Saturday morning. Murobond have taken enough names for another workshop so we’ll be holding another on 27th August you can book here but be very very quick. Encore! If you don’t get a place email me at to join the Southern Highlands workshops.

Oh and we went taboggining at Kiandra on crisp sunny Snowy Mountains day. Taboggins beat strollers for babies hands down. Lovely weekend.

One thought on “Good weekend; workshop news

  1. Oh my goodness. I loooooove your talent/ideas/lamps. (:
    And sooooo unfortunately…I can not take a workshop—-I live in Northwest Ohio, USA ):

    Thank you so much for your appreciation for a rustic & nature style look and the talent to express it.

    Again, thank you.

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