Patchy; spaces in August workshop

Yesterday I had cut up some rusty old corrugated iron of different patinas and colours and as I laid them out on the ground to prepare them for a coupe of ‘Patchwork’ illuminants I found the image evocative all on it’s own. It brought to mind the assemblages of Rosalie Gascoigne and tin roofed shanty towns I’ve seen in Africa and India which have so much life thrumming away in them. I also thought it befitting my message below.

Bookings aren’t exactly patchy but if you’ve been umming or ahhing about doing some weaving or want to recommend it to someone, there are three places left in the 18th August workshop at Wilde’s Meadow. Go to  workshops  for details. I’d love to have a full house.

Hope you have some outdoor weekend plans with all this spring warmth about. We are having our annual ‘pig day’ in our garden tomorrow and I just realised I had pruned our sage. Once I had salvaged as much as I could (sage is a salvia – I’m sure it’s latin for ‘to save’.. ..spooky) , M took a pic of my sage green t-shirt and sage green jumper… we’re putting the sage in sausage.

I’d better sign off before the puns get worse. I was up at 4.30am to go to the Sydney flower markets so I have a good excuse for tired ramblings today. I’ll share experimental market finds later….