Goddess of Small Things

Last week a prospective student mentioned two artists in his email to me; Shona Wilson and Andy Goldsworthy. For those unfamiliar to them, they both essentially assemble found materials and I have so much loved and been inspired by their work. Goldsworthy is in the UK and globally revered but Wilson is Australian and perhaps not as well-known. The student, Sean, has an art transport business and moved her fragile works for a show… scary job! I thought a little blog-homage was in order.

I have an article on Shona Wilson which I had ripped out years ago (before I knew why) in a precious book of inspirations and I could see how one of her 3D works had inspired an element of one of my baskets. It was a timely reminder to revisit her. I have taken all these images from www.shonawilson.com.  I think her assemblages are really extraordinary. She must have spent a lot of time foraging too. 

“I still firmly believe that I might put it together, but it’s the beauty of nature that excites people when they see the work.” A humble Shona Wilson in the SMH 2006

P.S. Only one place left for next Thursday Sean – hope you have no art to move so you can come and represent your gender!