quaking, shaking, breaking new ground

It’s there, quivering in the cells. New life.

The plum tree outside the children’s bedrooms is covered in arctic blossoms occasionally drifting snow-like to the ground. The arum lilies are unfurling. Our sheep are heavy; bursting with lambs. The birds are weaving new nests  (an offering of 4-year-old blonde hair was left on the step for them to use) and this beautiful half-hatched egg was found in the grass by my beloved this morning.

It went straight to the old vitrine with the recently christened ‘Dead Butterfly Family’.  Mat thinks, because of its size, the egg may have been from a waterbird.

There’s been a lot of busyness going on. Aside from the every day mayhem, I’ve had two full basketry workshops (and another tomorrow), finished two commissions, learning about fumigation, crating and shipping (quite a process!), designing new woven lights, taking on new jobs, weeding the garlic crop (quite a process!), a whole day helping a  poor sheep lambing twins, a few big parties and some exciting opportunities in the works (more on that later). We seem to be on the hop all day every day so haven’t posted here for a while.  Here is a little catch up photo essay of  our little Spring awakening and things we’ve been getting excited about.

This was looking into my studio window yesterday.

Patchwork lights which went to a house in Goulburn.

I have been experimenting weaving iron for lights…

..and playing with native grasses and leaves on rusty wire.

Meanwhile Spring is unfurling.

That’s the milking shed where I work in the background.



No shortage of beautiful plumes.

I’ve been working on a job for a long time and felt light as a feather when…

…the day (evening) finally arrived when Chris came to take it all away.

5 huge pendant lights and the five metre dividing screen.

It was not a straightforward packing job.

Love those red tail lights.

To Acme Case in Sydney for professional crating.

Looks like they did a good job.

Four big boxes ready for the boat to LA. Bye bye my lovelies.

A few celebrations with friends.

Beautiful group of workshoppers.

Megan going green.

Sarah made a lovely basket.

And on the home front:

There’s plenty of love…

…and help in the office. xx