Yesterday I hung some lights and balanced some baskets in Eclectica 2011 which is on this weekend here in the Southern Highlands. From what I saw, and artists were still dropping things off the whole time I was there (“Folko Kooper is waiting in Stanley Street to unload” came the cry), this art show is going to be quite special.

Two pieces I really coveted in my brief look yesterday were by Australian women artists Catherine Nelson and Bronwyn Berman.

Catherine Nelson has exhibited all over the world and I had read about her in the press just last weekend so when I saw her photograph hanging at Eclectica I fell a little in love. In her Future Memories series she creates new worlds using digital technology – a little bit epic and a lot magical.

This image of   ‘First Freeze – Bourgoyen Winter’ is not a good reproduction – in person they are large and very detailed. She merges the images to recreate the feelings she gets when in the landscape.

“The ‘Future Memories’ series comprises twenty floating worlds, meticulously composed with thousands of assembled details. Visual poetry, nature photography and digital techniques blend together to give shape to these transcendental landscapes. The result is a contemporary pictorial mythology that subtly reminds the viewer of a profound truth: that it is in the flourishing variety of the local that the fate of the world resides. ”

Bronwyn Berman is a local sculptor who has been generous with her advice to me. She uses basketry techniques weaving large wire sculptures like these Banksia Women (pictured). I have been lucky enough to see the gardens of two local sculpture collectors which have her pieces and it is such a lovely discovery to come around a corner and encounter one of her creations hanging from a branch.


Now if I could just stumble across a cool ten grand I’d buy one of each at the opening tonight.

The show is open all day Saturday and Sunday and you can visit the catalogue online . I recommend a visit if you are in the vicinity. x

Afterthought: Do you think owning something can make the magic disappear? Perhaps lusting after something is more exciting than having it. I’m hoping so!