northern lights

For some reason (maybe the onset of summer) the northern beaches have been calling me.

This is the interior of Les Interieurs. After a happy meeting with Pamela Makin, her beautiful store in Newport is now hanging one of my woven iron pendants. The interiors she designs are pretty sublime – her palette of pale greys and whites highlighted with naturals like indigo textiles, tribal artifacts and aged timber gives you the sense that she has unearthed each piece from hidden corners of the globe that you won’t find elsewhere.

I am looking forward to making some woven basketry pieces especially for Les Interieurs very soon.

It’s really worth a visit to Newport if you have a bit of a decorating budget (or if you like to be tortured like me). I took the chance to pop in to Mark Tuckey where I wanted to buy four poster beds for my kids (see below) and tables and cupboards and… … it is just painfully great. *sigh*

And the main reason I was there: just down the road…. I was recently commissioned by edaa interiors/exteriors to design, make and install four feature lights in a rammed earth house in Collaroy. I came in as the walls were just up and was able to use materials that really complemented the colours and textures being used in the build.

The house is perched on the plateau overlooking the ocean with just a patch of grass between the front windows and the cliffs above the Collaroy pool so there are steps down to two beaches on either side. What a lucky family. I only have these low res mobile phone shots post-installation (note the unpacked boxes) to show just now but will have some more taken when they are all settled in.

The shadows are way better than  I imagined they would be on the earth walls and I can’t wait to see it with all the furniture in place.  It might be a good excuse for a day trip to the beaches with my kids and a bit more retail torture!