bubbly birds; how to be teacher’s pet

I had such a happy day yesterday, I couldn’t resist sharing these lovely hipstamatic pics of the workshop taken by Katrina Sparke. This superwoman not only brought her 4 month old baby girl Sapphire (youngest of four) who slept, giggled and gurgled all through the day but at lunch I heard a distinctive “pop” and she had set out a picnic blanket, a bottle of bubbly and glass champagne flutes. I know!

Special thank also to Lissa de Sailles from Nowra, self described ‘repeat offender’ in the class, who brought the most wonderful array of plant materials for us to share and presented me with two beautiful blackbird’s nests at the end of the class. My kind of gift; they’re heavy and interlaced with cassette tape and Old Man’s Beard (the grey/green lichen, not grey facial hair although I wouldn’t be surprised).

The group included a yoga-teaching cattle farmer from Mudgee and her wine-maker friend Kate who brought  grape-vine prunings. She was at pains to make sure we all knew it was ornamental because one would never take vines from one wine-growing area to another lest they spread disease. Good to know!

Now I’m really excited about today because one of yesterday’s basketry students, Linda Parmenter  has agreed to do a swap. When I discovered her skill I asked if she could stay over (she has come down from QLD). She is teaching  my sister-in-love, Caroline and I how to do some eco-printing and vegetable dyeing on silk, a la the amazing India Flint.

Meanwhile, I am sitting at the breakfast table surrounded by bags of onion and garlic skins, leaves, birds nests, half-drunk coffee and kids covered in Vegemite. Time to get moving! xx