bush wedding

It may appear I have been a little quiet  lately. The truth is I have been extraordinarily busy with one of the most intense creative experiences imaginable…

My father was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer just after Mat and I got engaged 6 years ago so we postponed our wedding. I’m thrilled to say that he is alive and kicking and an amazing grandfather to four babes all born since his diagnosis. After a huge operation and much chemo he has now been clear of cancer for quite a few years.  So we decided it was time to put our wedding back on the agenda.

To be authentically us, we of course, wanted to do/make/grow everything ourselves and have a big party in my parent’s garden. So we invited 120 people and the planning involved graphic design, event management, floral design, menu creation, crafting, recruitment, fabric design, growing vegetables, making place cards, animal husbandry, wood chopping, lighting design etc etc.  So that’s why I have neglected my weaving and blogging for a little while. The best excuse possible though, right?

I previously hinted at the fact I was eco-printing my dress using leaves and flowers etc and my next post  here will be a photo-journal of the process of printing and designing my dress which I absolutely loved learning and some of you may be interested in too.

Til then, if you are curious, you can have a peek at a couple of the wedding shots from incredible local photographer Tim Coulson.  If you are a lover of love then take fifteen minutes, turn your speakers up and watch this slideshow he put together . So beautiful.

Anyhow, as Tex said, the honeymoon is over baby. I’m back.


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