patrick dougherty; stickwork in australia

I know, have already declared my love for the whimsical creations of Patrick Dougherty on this blog and posted a link to a beautiful article  in early 2011 but now HE IS HERE!

Dougherty has come to work in Australia for the first time and is putting finishing touches on a big woven willow sculpture at Federation Square in Melbourne’s CBD. You can see it from now until it begins to degrade in early 2013.  I am not so quietly wishing I had discovered this information earlier and been able to join his team of volunteers.

If you’d like to hear him speak about how and why he creates his fantastic sculptures watch this lovely little film…

P.S. Most heartening Dougherty fact: he started making his sculptures when he was 36-year-old house husband with a son and daughter to look after.  (yay)