Pollination; summer buzzing.

Summer! It’s hot and there’s a lot happening. I don’t have time for many words but I thought I would give you a little pictorial of my work-life happenings over the holidays…

I have moved into a new studio! It was hard to leave this little beauty…

Harriet Goodall_Sam Mackie_WebVer_090713-7511138

.. but look how much space I have now! Thanks to my papa I have perfect shelving and tool bench.



It has a little gallery at the front!


This room is holding a few of my works-in-progress and some cool bits and pieces from local friends.  There are always things coming and going.


Like people.


This is the awesome crew from Together Dreaming – Boolarng Nangami Arts & Culture Studio from Gerringong. I can’t tell you about the project we’re cooking up here yet but it’s a biggie!

I ran some workshops.


This one was at beautiful Royalla near my hometown of Robertson.


I knocked off a couple of overdue commissions. (with love!)


Playing with copper and patination.


I put some work in galleries. This show – New Design 2 –  is on until Feb 3rd at Sturt in Mittagong. There are some amazing designers and makers in there.



I was playing with texture and pattern.


Really playing!




I also made these lights for our kitchen.

Harriet Goodall_Sam Mackie_WebVer_090713-740431

Actually, I made them a few months ago but realise it was time to post a pic or two.

McGrath - Harriet Goodall-738815

McGrath - Harriet Goodall-739118

Most importantly I did some camping and down home time with these people.

Goodalls2013-184 (1024x683)

Oh and we harvested our first honey from my birthday beehive. Such sweetness.

And now I am heading out the door for a music festival and a little beach holiday with those little ones.

Into the new year with attempts at occasional stillness, new beginnings and lots of ideas being pollinated.


P.S. Delivered sculptural pieces today to Goulburn Regional Art Gallery for a group show opening 31st Jan “Efflorescent – A Contemporary Take” It’s all artists working with or depicting flora –   I will keep you posted on that.

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