Testimonial - Modern Fluro Basketry
“I just wanted to say thanks for a great workshop yesterday in Brisbane. Although I don’t know whether I should curse you because I woke up at 5am full of ideas and was hoping for a sleep in. The workshop was fab and thank you for the inspiration. I hope to make some more pieces soon and I even talked to a few people later about getting together at my studio to continue with some weaving.”
– Tiel, July 2013



Testimonial - Squam“I’ve just received a big order of basketweaving supplies and am starting to experiment more with the technique you taught us, and I’m planning some new bits of my garden for next year specifically to put in vines I can use! Thank you again for the wonderful class, it was absolutely the best part of Squam for me.”

– Kythryne, June 2013




“It’s arrived!! It is incredible, really amazing – thank you thank you! It is beautiful, exactly like I wanted, a ‘piece of art’ not just a light shade.”
– Anna, December 2010





One thought on “Testimonials

  1. Hi Harriet, yesterday’s fluoro workshop in Sydney was brilliant. Major achievement to pull off such a complex process in a few hours, Thank you for making the trek to the big smoke – must add significantly to your long day. I have been fiddling with basketry for a while but it was so good to get some straight talk and clear instructions on the random weave technique from the expert. Lovely lovely lovely :). Also really enjoying your website – the philosophy behind your work shines through and adds a really important dimension. Getting some history on other greats, like Virginia, is also important. Thank you for being such a great educator for the art.

    Warm regards,


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