Baskets of Light

I make baskets into pendant lights (see photos below). Commissions of baskets or lights can be arranged in consultation using dimensions and materials of choice or specific to your environment.  An electrician will wire the basket up to your specifications (ceiling drop) in a coloured wire or cloth-covered, which is complementary to the natural look of the pendant.


This trio of pendant lights was commissioned for a new extension in Robertson. The owner was inspired by the shape of old french beehive baskets and incorporate mossy twigs, scribbly gum bark and emu feathers.

An accidental discovery; the pendant lights cast amazing patterns on the ceiling at night lending the room warmth and vibrancy.

A bookshelf/cabinet of curiosities  built in the room where the baskets of light are hanging. I love it.



This light was commissioned for a baby boy called Rufus. It has an avian theme with images of Rufous Whistler birds, nests, feathers and eggs and some printed paper dyed with black tea.

The words are from a children’s version of the most famous basket story about the baby boy in the bullrushes… His mother weaves a basket to hide her baby boy from the Pharoah’s men. He is found by an Egyptian princess, who brings him up as her own. I’m far from religious, but it must be grounded in ancient fable and thought it was perfect for a mother commissioning a basket for her little boy.


Dining Room Pendant – Nest with Pussy Willow


Hive pendant in sitting room.


9 thoughts on “Baskets of Light

  1. Hi there,

    I am working on a light fixture project involving woven reeds as a base structure. Just wondering if you have any tips in regards to fireproofing this material. The light source will not be touching the reed, a couple feet away on all sides I expect. Any advice would be much appreciated!


  2. dear Harriet,
    yesterday was so much more than my expectation.!and made good as well by an interesting group and a good dose of laughter. . I am convinced has I have been by two other w/shops that this is a form that fits me. and having a limited space to work and store, I was renewed with determination. I have left a writing assignment – a book review – due tomorrow,! to respond and to thank you for yesterday.

    I would love you to let me know when and where you will be doing more workshops. I can travel happily to the Southern Highlands, or most places – being a midlife country girl driving is just part of my life. The seed was sown during a long relationship that made Goulburn and surrounds my second home, while living in Canberra.

    Thank you and please let me know. Your Website is fun and tells a fascinating story. by the way love the lights.!

    kind regards

    Celia Waldron

  3. Hello Harriet,

    Can you make three small nests? That would hang over our conference table from low voltage parallel wires. The drop would be about 3 feet and the “nests” could be about 5-6 inches in diameter. I love the nest pendant for the child’s room shown.

    An alternative would be to create a nest fixture to be wall mounted like a sconce. This size would be about 6 inches across and 12-16 inches long. This fixture could take any standard lamp.

    We can also talk to you about a larger piece that might be more sculptural and mounted on a wall in our entry . . . but shipping could be a challenge.

    Your work will be perfect for our space and I look forward to figuring something out with you! I will be in my office all afternoon today and tomorrow 10-5 if you want to call?

    Thanks, Colleen

  4. Would love to talk with you about a fixture. Our firm is Nest Architecture! A fixture from you would fit perfectly in our office! Will you contact me? Colleen Mahoney 415-331-2500

  5. I just so love your work Harriet. They are so tactile, textural, organic and just down right gorgeous. I hope to have a pendant light very soon in my home. You keep going girl!

    1. Thanks Sal. Have just found my very own local sparky to wire them up with cloth covered cord so they will look even better! When you decide where and what you would like to light up, let me know. I’d love to make one for you.

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