Woven Sculpture

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15 thoughts on “Woven Sculpture

  1. Hello, I will be attending your weaving course on Friday at Royalla. What type of garden greens are suitable to bring. I have banana leaves, will that work?

    Thanks marilyn

  2. Hi Harriet

    I am wondering if you are interested in selling some of your baskets through a retail store? If so please contact me.


  3. Your work is truly beautiful … So proud . I would love to somehow involve your work with my fashion week show which is turning out to be bigger than benhur .. Let me know if this is of interest for you and your business .. Call me if you need more info 0403133367 x

  4. Hi Harriet
    I am doing my first night shift after maybe three years of not doing any, and here I am, browsing a your fantastic website! I really love your work! And I am looking forward to celebrate with you and Mat on the 31st. Big hus to everyone. Nati.

    1. Wow! Once I have put my baby back to bed, I will get a cup of tea and have a good peruse of your site – but, at a glance, I can see you’re a master! I’m sure I’ll need your guidance again in my experimental fibre journey. Happy weaving, Harriet

  5. your work is truly lovely. I do have a terrible time reading your words, though…the typface is so thin, on the white background, even when make it larger on the computer screen, it is barely readable to me…just thought i would mention it. thanks so much for sharing your work!

    1. Thanks for your nice words and helpful feedback Pamela. I did choose the heading fonts when I designed the site but i m not sure how to change the size in the template. I will definitely look into it. What kind of basketry are you doing? Can we see your baskets somewhere?
      Smiles, Harriet

  6. Re our conversation last Saturday. I would love to own a replica of the wonderful Tangle 2 Palm Inflorescence I coveted at your show during the Bowral Art Trail. I’m reminded of my indeciscion each time I visit my friends house.

  7. Hi Harriet,

    I am absolutely in love with the look and I can only imagine the texture of your baskets. I would love to purchase one for my mother who has collected bird’s nests and baskets her whole life. Please could you let me know the prices of the pictured baskets above and is it possible to post them to brisbane?

    Thank you,
    Bess Sellars

  8. Hi Harriet,

    I am also interested in rust nest, or commissioning a similar piece. Your baskets are wonderful!


  9. Harriet, I love your baskets and noticed that the Recent Works tab includes those that are for sale. I am very interested in them as christmas presents – particularly the Rust Nest and Pear Shaped Love. Would you be able to let me know the availability and pricing please ?
    Also, I am interested in yourlight shades for a hanging light over a dining table. Wait dimensions do you usually make them ?

  10. harriet,

    Hello… I LOVE your work and emailed earlier this year (you were waiting to have bub2). Wondering if these pieces are available for individual purchases and if you cold please give me a price.

    They are amazing…


    Rachel MCDonald
    0405 736 003

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