20161205_1338452How can I even begin to express how utterly elated I am with my wonderful object of illumination!!!   Can I just tell you… I completely and absolutely LOVE my light. It is perfect. Not too big at all – in fact, perfect for the space, as I knew it would be. Gosh, it looks amazing in the space, and EVERYONE comments on it.  I always think of lighting as the jewellery of a room (I love great jewellery), and this piece is the most amazing statement necklace I’ve ever owned. I tell everyone about you, though many people already know your work (good to know you are renowned!), and hope I can get you to do something else for me in the future.  Hope you are well, and doing lots of creative and challenging projects.    Many thanks and again,  I love, love, love it! – Bronwyn


Just wanted to say how much I loved the workshop yesterday. Was a great group and a nice number to interact with. You were a great teacher and it was great to get away and immerse ourselves in creativity!  – Lucy


Testimonial - Modern Fluro Basketry
“I just wanted to say thanks for a great workshop yesterday in Brisbane. Although I don’t know whether I should curse you because I woke up at 5am full of ideas and was hoping for a sleep in. The workshop was fab and thank you for the inspiration. I hope to make some more pieces soon and I even talked to a few people later about getting together at my studio to continue with some weaving.”
– Tiel


Testimonial - Squam“I’ve just received a big order of basketweaving supplies and am starting to experiment more with the technique you taught us, and I’m planning some new bits of my garden for next year specifically to put in vines I can use! Thank you again for the wonderful class, it was absolutely the best part of Squam for me.”

– Kythryne


“It’s arrived!! It is incredible, really amazing – thank you thank you! It is beautiful, exactly like I wanted, a ‘piece of art’ not just a light shade.”
– Anna