Harriet teaches a range of basket weaving workshops for individuals, groups and conferences both in Australia and internationally.

 In the next 12 months will be teaching basketry classes as part of textile retreats in Japan, Sri Lanka, and the USA.  Please email me to register your interest in any of these or to be emailed itineraries when they are released.


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You can also tailor private or group workshops to suit your needs – Harriet will forage, dye and prepare all weaving materials, bring comprehensive notes, tools and most importantly, cake!   For a workshop overview with pricing please email or fill out the enquiry form at the bottom of the page.  You can select from the workshop techniques below.

Random Weaving


We will use the basic contemporary technique of free-form or random weaving to make a pod like shape out of hand-dyed rattan. Student have the option to extend the pod into a sculptural shape. To finish we will  ‘fill’ or decorate using foraged plants and flexible fibres.

Fish Trap Style Basket (Windowpane Twining)

Harriett0561 (2334x3500)

Students choose soft or hard fibres to create a fish-trap inspired sculptural basket with open weave or windowpane twining. The class will start with string making or ‘cordage’ by hand from leaves or raffia which can then be used to hang their fish trap basket.

  Palm Pods (Random Weaving)

Kara Rosenlund (3)

Take Random Weaving to the next level Harriet will guide you to create a delicate pear shaped sculpture using only the textured flower stalks of the palm tree. Suitable for beginners but less tricky for those with some weaving experience!

 Looped String Bags (Knotless Netting)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStarting off by learning how to make cordage using harvested plant fibres, Harriet will then demonstrate how to turn the cord into looped structures which can be wrapped around a form – or even a stone! You will learn up to three stitches increasing in difficulty which you can use to make soft string bags or pouches in the style of stretchy ‘billums’ or use with wire to create hard looped structures.

Backpack or Bike Basket (Randing & Waling)

2017-02-27 12.53.09.jpg

Using rattan you will weave an oval basket which can be used as a shopper, bike basket, backpack, or plant hanger. Students will learn a natural dye process to stain the basket to a shade of grey/charcoal. Each student will have a choice of tan or coloured pre-cut straps and learn some basic leatherwork techniques to make riveted or stitched handles.

 Living Willow

inside tunnel

Harriet will show you how to construct a woven tunnel or dome in your garden made from willow which will grow leaves in summer and be bare in winter. Note: This workshop is possible only in Spring and you will need an open area away from buildings, soft ground and be prepared to care for your structure in the future.

Coiled Baskets


Harriet will demonstrate coiling techniques shown to her by Indigenous artists from the Top End in the Northern Territory and using various soft fibres you will make a small coiled bowl.

 Gift of the Heart

Heart CropPerfect for bridal parties and lovers of love. In this class you will not only learn to random weave but make a gorgeous woven  heart to take home which you can fill with fairy lights or hang at your special celebration. 

Upcoming Retreats & Intensives


December 1st – December 9th, 2018
9 days / 8 nights
Join us in Japan for this artfully blended experience like none other!

With eight nights and nine creatively infused days of Architecture, Art, Culture, and Restorative Yoga. You will also be hands-on with workshops in
Tapestry Weaving, Basket Weaving, Japanese Sashiko, Indigo dying, Yoga and
Meditation to awaken your creative self. Set in Japan’s breathtaking art islands of the Seto inland sea, Naoshima and Teshima, this retreat has been woven together with a heart to inspire you to access your core creativity, as if opening your heart to a beam of creative the energy emanating from within.





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