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5 thoughts on “Media

  1. Hi Harriet, I thought your blog was stunning. I also live in a rural environment and love bits and pieces of found nature. My daughter and I always return from a walk with a pocket full of treasure. I am a fine arts student and I am in the middle of a project where I am trying to weave a basket out of newspaper! Hmm it seemed like a great idea but I realise that unlike women all over the world for generations and generations I have no idea what I am doing! I googled basket weaving in the hope of some basic instructions and happened upon your site. I was so inspired by you, your lifestyle and your beautiful creations. Thankyou. Anyway, back to google……

  2. Harriet, I’m one of Rebecca’s American friends. She has told me all about you and your amazing work and just shared your site with me. I’m so inspired by your creativity and your lifestyle. You are living the life of my dreams, for I am stuck in American suburbia addicted to stupid reality television! Bravo on your art and your choice to make a full and rich life of simple pleasures. Beautiful!

    1. Hi Susie! Thanks for the kind words. It took me a long time to get in the right place and find my pocket and I still find it difficult every day to negotiate the balance with family/money/time. (I do still turn on TV to switch off sometimes – don’t worry) It’s great to get inspiration from other people’s lives. I’m sure you’re underselling yourself and I know if Beej is anywhere in your vacinity she will rubber-arm you into action right?? She’s completely wracked with creativity, can’t help herself but create stuff, help people and everything she does has colour and magic. I wish she was near me again – except she’d rubber arm me and I just don’t have the time! If I could click heels I’d magic myself over there and meet you all xxx

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