Gift Of The Heart

Have you been dying to learn how to random weave but couldn’t ever get into a class, or been too far away (hello WA readers!) or just can’t get out of the house? (young children anyone?!)

OR have you got friends and family members who would love a Christmas present made by hand more than anything you could buy them?

OR would you like to give someone a place in a creative workshop for Christmas so they get more than just a thing to unwrap?

Yes??? Don’t worry – we’ve got your back. Read on!


The internet is pretty much a miracle maker.

This year, I went to America for the first time  ever and then I went there for the second time ever too! Purely because of online connections. I was invited to share “Dream Weaving” or sculptural basketry at the magical Squam Art Workshops.  I really couldn’t have dreamed it up…  We spent our time in a spectacular old family camp on a lake with masses of crafters and other creatives and we fed our hungry souls with drawing, photography, writing, knitting, feasting on delicious locally sourced food, swimming, talking and laughing a LOT.

The first time I was there, the founder Elizabeth Duvivier,  asked if I could (*insert American accent) “make a pretty garland”  to hang in The Playhouse, an immense creaky old timber building, for the arrival of all the guests and the “Opening Ceremony”. I loves me a creative challenge and I set to weaving something I had never made before.

KaitlynBouchard2013 1

After consultation with some “Squammies” about what would symbolise the event, I wove a massive green heart (I was also hoping to ingratiate myself to my new friend) and strung it with fairy lights.


We had lots of lovely feedback and one person was so moved she was all teary as she approached me; she wanted to hang one at her wedding – it was extradordinarily poignant as she had fought for the right to marry her love.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to make them for everyone who wanted a heart while I was there so Elizabeth came up with the seed of an idea that grew into this wonderful online offering Gift Of The Heart.

photo (2)

Online workshops aren’t even a thing here in Australia yet which is crazy because we have many people living in remote, rural and regional areas. They are such a marvellous idea as they bring the teacher into your home (well hellooooo there) and you can press pause and rewind (certainly can’t pause me in live classes!), learn at your own pace, get a friend over and do the class together in one day or take it slowly, a bit at a time WHEN IT SUITS YOU.

When you you sign up (you can use paypal) for Gift Of The Heart, you are immediately sent a password to access all seven short instruction videos,  lists of all the equipment you need to get started, materials you can collect to weave into your pieces, suppliers and book lists with resources to go on and do more weaving and all the classes are transcribed so you can read through them as well.  If you get stuck – I think  we’ve given you so much information, I’m sure you’ll be weaving away without a worry – but I am always just an email away for any questions that come up.

Photo credits: Tory Williams, Kaitlyn Bouchard

We didn’t think it would be right to deny lover’s day and the workshop is going to be available until the 15th February. So you have PLENTY of time over the holidays to make a variety of hearts big and small for the people that matter in your life.

I also made a pdf voucher below for the workshop; just click on the link to download to your computer, find some nice paper, hit print et VOILA! Once you have paid for the workshop, just write the password on it and bestow some learning love on your special friend.

Gift Certificate GOTH

Now, you have an awesome orginal Christmas present to give someone (for which you have not even had to leave your seat… .. let alone find the car keys, battle the harried mothers for parking spaces and navigate the aisles of falalala). Hopefully that gets you out of a Christmas pickle or two and gives some people who can’t access live workshops a chance to get weaving.

Love to all for a hearty holiday season and many spicy kisses under the misteltoe.

x H

Here’s what some people said about Gift Of The Heart

This makes me ecstatic! I took Harriet’s workshop last June and was blown away by the process, the setting, her in particular! I came home with all the leftover materials, harvested and dried vines over the summer. I am so getting my heart weave on!!! Thank you!

– Cassia Cogger, Manhattan

Yay! I’m so hooked on hearts! I’m working on my Christmas heart now. Thanks Harriet and Elizabeth!

– Tory Williams, Brooklyn (photographer and camera operator extraordinaire)

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